Acolyte Instructions

You are one of the worship leaders.

Arrive at least 20 minutes prior to worship for either service.
Late service acolytes: Put on robe (alb) and belt (cincture). Belt should be color of
Pastor’s stole or the colors on the altar.
Gather near the sound board in the back of the sanctuary when ready. Have an usher
light candle lighter just prior to entering worship service. The acolyte torch is stored in
the a/v or sound booth area.
Start the service by carrying a symbol of God’s presence (the light) into the church and
lighting candles. Pause at the bottom step before going up to light candles. The
acolyte torch is placed in the holder on the far right side of the chancel stairs during
the worship service.
Present offering plate to ushers. Receive the plates from the ushers.
During the last hymn, ignite the wick of the candle lighter, extinguish candle and proceed
out of sanctuary.

Special assignments:
Communion assistants – collect the wine glasses.
Baptism – hold the worship book and assist the Pastor.

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