Altar Care

FIRST SERVICE – Preparation
– Pour 4 trays of wine with grape juice in the center
– Pour 1/2 tray of juice only in the tray with the silver holder
– Add 2 empty trays and stack all the trays
– Fill the gold chalice 1/4 full with wine; cover with gold cover with cross on it
– Put wafers in the ciborium and cover with flat gold cover
– Ensure there are brown gluten-free wafers in the round wooden box
– Cut the gluten-free bread into cubes; place on the paten
– Place all of these on the altar as shown in the diagram below
– Cover the ciborium, chalice and round wooden box with a cloth
– Cover the bread with a cloth; place additional cloth next to the bread

– Remove empty glasses from trays
– Ensure there are 3 full trays of wine/juice (using up the juice from the juice-only tray)
– Include 2 empty trays; restack and cover
– Ensure that there is enough cut bread and clean-up crumbs
– Review total set-up to ensure it looks neat and well-stocked

– Remove empty glasses and wipe any spills from the trays
– Pour untouched wine into the plastic container (with a spout) and place in the refrigerator. If there is too much, pour it down the sink or drink it. It is Holy and cannot be put back into the bottle.
– Remaining bread should be eaten or broken-up and fed to the birds. It is Holy and cannot be put in the trash.
– Replace all items in the cabinet
– Wash the white cloths, if necessary

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