Altar Care

First service – Pour 4 trays of wine with juice in center. Pour 1/2 tray of grape juice only – use the silver holder to distinguish them. Add 2 empty trays and cover. White cloth napkin on top. Place to left of Missal stand (from in front of the altar). Gold chalice with 1/4 wine, cover. Gold wafer holder/cover. Brown gluten free wafer holder. Place to right of bread. Cover with white cloth napkin. Place to right of Missal stand (from in front of the altar). Cut bread in 1/3’s and cover with white cloth napkin (cut while in the aluminum container, not on the paten). Place behind the candle and chalices. Put an extra cloth napkin next to the bread. After first service, remove empty glasses. Ensure there are 3 full trays of wine/juice (refill grape juice from the juice-only tray) and include 2 empty trays for second service. After second service, remove empty glasses. Pour untouched wine into the plastic container. If there is too much, either pour the remaining down the sink or drink it….it is Holy and cannot be put back into the bottle. Remaining bread should be eaten or broken into pieces for the birds – it’s Holy so don’t put it in the trash. Wipe down the trays and cup holders to remove spilled wine/juice. Wash the white cloths if necessary.Nursery If the nursery volunteer isn’t in the nursery at the

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