Guest Greeter Duties


This person greets the visitor(s) after church and has a little more time to welcome our guests and show genuine interest.

The Guest Greeter plays a very important role in welcoming our visitors. Before you enter the sanctuary get a name tag which identifies you as a Guest Greeter and write your name on it. If there aren’t any prewritten ones, write Guest Greeter and then your name. This will help you greet people with less interruptions from members who see that you have an important duty to perform. You need to exit the church a little early, before or near the time Pastor Craig leaves. Pick up several church brochures from the table by the front door.

Stand next to Pastor Craig. Try to listen and observe when he is meeting new people. He may introduce them to you or you may introduce yourself. Welcome them and give them a church brochure if they didn’t already receive one when they entered the church.

The main point is that they receive a very hospitable welcome. Depending on their receptivity, show interest in them. Possible conversation topic might include: Are they new to the community? How did they find our church? Are there any questions about the church or community that we might answer? If there are children, you could ask their grades and schools or anything which might show interest in them. Invite them to the goodie table for refreshments and join them, if you can. Maybe introduce them to others standing nearby.

Try to remember their names. You might try writing them down on the service bulletin that you take home and adding the names to a list that you can review before Sunday services. Whatever method you use, people are really amazed when you remember them and it gives them some comfort level when they return and know somebody.

Thank you for your willingness to welcome our guests. Your warmth and friendliness may be one of the reasons that they return!

“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for some have entertained angels without knowing it.” Hebrews 13:2

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