Senior Ministry

Senior Ministry

Prime Timers

Home Touch is a weekly letter with devotions, prayers, puzzles anda personal message from Pastor Craig or Deacon Lynn, sent to folks who are either 90+ or not able to make it to church on a regular basis. If you wish to add a loved one to the list to receive Home Touch, contact Deacon Lynn.

Carpool for worship and events
Drivers are recruited to bring people to worship and to events such as PrimeTimers, Bible study, and adult class. Carpool riders are folks who are unable to drive, either permanently or temporarily, due to age, injury, or disability. Contact Marsha Chew to volunteer to drive, or to ask for a ride.

Deacon Lynn and volunteers visit in homes, assisted living facilities, hospital and hospice settings, and rehab facilities to bring Holy Communion as requested, and to provide spiritual care.

To request a visit for yourself or a loved one, contact Deacon Lynn.

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