Usher Instructions

The ministry of ushering is a crucial part of worship because it is one of the most visible ministries in the Church. In Christ you have received God’s unconditional love, and, in Christ, you are called to extend that same unconditional love to others. Although an usher’s love is no stronger than the love found in the whole congregation of the body of Christ, nevertheless the usher performs a major role ensuring that people see and experience that love. How we welcome our visitors demonstrates this love.


Bob Green is Head Usher for the early service and Arnold Reuter is head usher for the second service. However, in the case that either is not available, please be familiar with the head usher items.

  1. Arrive 20 minutes prior to the service. Turn on lights. The heating/cooling system is on an automatic schedule and shouldn’t be adjusted.
  2. Make sure there is a cup of water on a napkin on the shelf inside the pulpit. If a cup is there from the previous week, please replace.
  3. See that there are four offering plates on the table to the left behind the baptismal font.
  4. Assist acolyte with flame if needed. If no acolyte is present, try to find an older youth familiar with the duties, find an adult, or do it yourself.
  5. Stay close to the back to assist others (visitors, parents, children). Guide people to open seats. More chairs are available if needed. Close doors about 10 minutes into service.
  6. Make sure those listed for readings and Communion assistants are present. Find substitutes if needed.
  7. Count attendance and fill in weekly attendance sheet. The attendance sheets can be found in a box on the church secretary’s desk. This is a critical duty for the head usher.
  8. Identify those who need to receive Communion at their seat. Point them out to Pastor Craig if he does not see them.
  9. Open doors at the last song.


  1. Arrive 20 minutes before the start of the service. There are two ushers assigned for each service. Two ushers will distribute the bulletins and greet worshippers at the sanctuary doors making every attempt to help them feel welcome and at ease.
  2. The bulletins are on the table in the narthex or on the church office desk.
  3. Stand by the sanctuary doors. Greet and distribute bulletins as people enter.
  4. Where young children are present and they do not leave the service for Amplify, mention Max Bags which are kept in large plastic drawer behind the computer in the back. Instruct them to return to the “used drawer.” We also have a nursery. A “wiggle room” is available in the back where the children can play and the adult can listen to the service.
  5. Be alert for visitors to welcome and introduce to others if possible.
  6. Help those with walkers or wheelchairs if needed. Be observant!
  7. Close doors (about 10 minutes into service). Stay near door for several minutes in case a first time visitor or others arrive late. Leave extra bulletins on the table in narthex and on counter inside sanctuary.
  8. Lead offering collection with the help of greeters. Might remind greeters that you would appreciate their help during the offering. See Offering section below.
  9. On Communion Sundays, lead the communion approach for each row down center aisle. Give guidance to visitors if needed, especially if they are seated in the front rows. See Communion section below.
  10. At the end of the service, pick up leftover bulletins and recycle. Straighten chairs and rows if needed. Replace hymnals, Bibles, etc.


  • Four people are best for this activity (two ushers and two greeters). During or directly after the Offertory hymn, proceed to the back of the church.
  • Using the center aisle, there should be two ushers lined up and two greeters behind them.
  • Proceed toward the altar, stopping at the altar. The greeters can move up one on each side of the ushers.
  • Take the plates from the acolyte.
  • The two greeters on the outside will take the respective outside aisle, and the two ushers in the middle will take the left and right side of the center aisle.
  • After the offerings are gathered, one or two of the ushers will come down the center aisle and return the offering plates to the acolyte.


  • Two ushers are needed for this activity.
  • When directed by Pastor, the ushers and other leaders will commune first.
  • Using the center aisle, the ushers will direct the parishioners in line to the altar for Communion.


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